Dance Lessons Temecula California

Visit Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Temecula, CA to learn more about our dance lessons. Arthur Murray offers a variety of dance lessons for students in the Temecula area who are interested in many different styles of dance. We provide dance lessons for many different styles including the Cha Cha, Salsa, Fox Trot, Ball Room, Slow Dance, Wedding Dance, Mamba, Waltz, Rumba and much more. Our dance lessons are perfect for anyone in and around Temecula who wants to learn how to dance. Contact Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Temecula, CA today and discover how taking dance lessons can be fun and exciting.

Learning a new dance through dance lessons

Social dancing was once formal, intricate, and slow. All a person has to do is watch a movie with actors doing a minuet or slow foxtrot to know that. The Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Temecula does teach the slower dances so a person can move easily to the rhythm. At the same time, there are Latin -based steps that encourage a person to dance with openhearted spirit.

It could be a mambo or a fast-paced salsa; the steps are lively and free-flowing. There is a sensuous tango or a rumba to open up one’s heart and let it fill up with the gusto of life. Dancing give a person so much self-confidence and our instructors are trained in the latest steps and the best way to teach. A student is not made to feel self-conscious. There are other people who are students at the same level and everybody encourages everyone else to do the best they can. Everyone is made to feel as if they’re part of a large dance party full of happy feet.

Don’t forget, formal ballroom dancing is taught at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Temecula. There are occasions where foxtrot and the waltz are important as part of the social function. We can help a person become very relaxed on the dance floor; confident in each movement that is made. We certainly do our best to work with the schedule of any student so the busy person can have that precious time to learn some dance steps. We also hope that these are some of the better moments in their weekly schedule.

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